The Impossible Life

Bryce Smith - The Invictus Mindset

November 21, 2022 Season 2 Episode 59
The Impossible Life
Bryce Smith - The Invictus Mindset
Show Notes

Bryce Smith is a lead trainer at Invictus Crossfit in San Diego, Ca as well as the host of the Invictus Mindset Podcast. He has competed in multiple CrossFit games and set himself part as an elite trainer that focuses on mentality to help clients reach their full potential.

Prior to becoming a coach, Bryce played D1 college basketball as well as playing pro over in Sweden. He holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and numerous CrossFit certifications and is also a certified EMT and Firefighter with the LAFD.

In this wide ranging conversation, we discuss the strength of mentality as well as overcoming tragedy, the power of gratitude, and the importance of a curious mind.

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Podcast - The Invictus Mindset

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