The Impossible Life

Scott Graham - Overcoming Addiction & Letting The Truth Set You Free

November 07, 2022 Garrett Unclebach & Nick Surface Season 2 Episode 57
The Impossible Life
Scott Graham - Overcoming Addiction & Letting The Truth Set You Free
Show Notes

Scott Graham is a former undercover narcotics officer and certified substance use disorder professional and is now the owner of Carefrontations where he and his wife Jenny have spent the last 3 decades helping thousands of families intervene and recover a member of the family who is battling addiction with an over 90% success rate.

In this episode, we hear how Scott has intervened and helped thousands of families rehab addicts. Listen as he talks about the power of love and using truth to overcome life breaking situations. Scott talks about how hope is more powerful than guilt and being pulled towards something good is more powerful than pushing away from something evil.

Whether you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or if you can't seem to break bad habits, there is something powerful for you in this episode.

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